Simple & Intuitive Student Application Forms

Our "Smart" form designs make it a breeze for students to provide complete and accurate information. We divide the form into short steps, presenting only the pertinent questions based on previous answers. Students do not feel overwhelmed, no sorting through questions that do not apply and most data is a quick select & autofill. The completed applications received increased to over 80%!

The responsive front-end design allows the students to save and complete their application at a later time and works perfectly on desktop, tablet or phone.

Simple student application forms

Manage awards:

Simply select a fund to view the list of qualified students ranked numerically according to their need, merit or both. We developed a unique formula from eleven factors of a student’s information and educational goals to numerically rank the students within each fund. Our system guarantees accuracy and insures that each student is properly matched for the best possible awards.

The award review process has never been easier or more accurate.

Donors appreciate knowing that they are supporting the best possable student.

Unlimited Reports

Powerful administration

Our core platform is unprecedented in the scholarship management software today. We customize each application to work the way our client works, meeting their needs and goals. Our application will easily integrate to utilize the other systems already in their institution.

Numerous, work and time saving features are built specifically to each client; auto-response mechanisms, timed bulk email, individual emails to students sent, tracked and recorded within the application.

See the complete picture in minutes, view the total student registrations and a breakdown by day. Follow the fund matching and numeric ranking in near real-time results as applications are submitted.

Powefull administration

All student details on one page:

We use leading edge design techniques to divide and organize student data into multiple tabs for quick and easy review.

Powefull administration

Comprehensive reporting:

Unlimited reports and scalability. Based on experience we have created a comprehensive set of reports, however if the requirements for our client's institution are more specific then additional reports can be added with ease.

Unlimited Reports

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