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We are a subsidiary of Dynamic Website Development (DWD), found in 2001 to provide websites and back-end business applications for small and medium size businesses. DWD was revolutionary in the website business introducing one of the first "affordable" content management systems that allowed the non-technical person to manage a website without the aid of a programmer.

While developing the custom scholarship management application for The Baptist Foundation of Alabama we were moved by the sheer amount of time and money we saved them and realized we could do the same for other organizations.

This is how the managescholarsips.com software has developed, by combining our 15 years of experience in developing custom applications with TBFA's decades of experience in managing and awarding scholarships, we took the best of the digital era and the best of the scholarship management process to create the our new scholarship management application.

Our software product has already served over 9000 students and managed awards in excess of $5 million. We have continued to improve and perfect the system saving TBFA more than 600 man-hours annually.

In recient updates, we added SMS text messaging to automatically accompany every email sent by the application system or administrator. The addition of SMS has measurably improving student communications, no more overlooked email or spam filter interference that blocks important communications.

If you would like to schedule a demo or just request more information about our application, please email us at Contact Us or call 910-619-5587. We will not hound you with calls or emails, if you don't wish to buy our products we respect your privacy!

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