We've seen that each institution will have their own specific needs when it comes to data they record from students, how they record it and what information they rely on when selecting students. Each institution will have their unique methiod of ranking students, "need", "merit" or both.

While theoretically you can use our scholarship management application out of the box. However, to unleash it's full potential some level of customization is required. This is because every institution is unique with there own way of doing things and their specific goals & requirements.

And here is where our service truly shines, we won't just sell you the application and let you struggle with it. We provide a level of customization and support that can't be matched and our maintenance program guarantees 24 hour response time.

Don't be put off by all this talk about customization and prices, just give us a call at 910-619-5587 or email us at Contact Us and let us analyize your case. You will be surprised, don't worry we won't chase you with calls or emails if we are not a fit, we respect your privacy!

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